Eighteen literally earth-shaking years have elapsed since our editor-in-chief Jonathan Cavanagh and Texan mining expert Michael Glover wrote Mines and Miners in Peru / Las Minas del Perú (1991), an extraordinary publication measuring, when opened, almost one meter long: not quite as lengthy as the Andes, but certainly a gold mine of information on Peru’s mining potential. It was quickly recognized as an indispensable source of data for anyone out to spot a new, original, and highly profitable, business opportunity and sold out within weeks. Today it is a book collector’s item.

Peru is now positioned, thanks to vigorous international exploration and stunning improvements in the economic and policy framework, as one of the world’s great producers through 2015 and beyond. Already it is the world’s top producer of silver; sixth in gold, third in copper; second in zinc; third in tin; fourth in lead; fourth in molybdenum; seventeenth in iron; third in bismuth; first in tellurium; seventh in indium; sixth in selenium; fourth in arsenic; thirteenth in cadmium; and the list goes on.*

This new, totally revamped Top Mining Companies in Peru / Las Minas del Perú (2009-2011) appears when Peru is once again in the limelight as an interestingly stable attraction for the world’s top investors. It is the product of a vast effort by Peru’s leading bilingual publishing company, Peru: Top Publications S.A.C., which has managed to tap a team of top professionals, headed by our founding editor, Jonathan Cavanagh; our project manager, Magali Arellano; our publishing director, Mili Arellano, and, once again, perhaps the most knowledgeable hands-on foreign mining expert in Peru, Michael Glover, as well as other key figures in the Peruvian scene.

Top Mining Companies in Peru / Las Minas del Perú is a 889-page bilingual (English and Spanish) publication with solid overall and mine-by-mine, company-by-company, group-by-group production, commercial and other data, as well as projections, projects, prospects for 2011 and beyond, and 130 spectacular photographs. It is a book to mine, to enjoy, and to give to your most important business partners.


*Source: US Geological Survey-USGS; The Silver Institute; Gold Fields Mineral Services-GFMS; International Copper Study Group; International Lead and Zinc Study Group; Tin Research Institute; International Molybdenum Associations; Instituto del Hierro y del Acero.
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